Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How big is the airpark?

    The airport is approximately 300 acres

    1. How many families live at Little River?

    We have approximately 90 members in good standing with the FLRHA and 60 of those families live either full or part time at the airpark.

    1. What are the runways like?

    The north-south runway is 3,375' long by 110 wide between the lights, with a 75' wide parallel taxiway adjacent to it. The east-west runway is 2,668' long by 70' wide.

    1. Who manages the everyday maintenance of the airpark community?

    The Flying Little River Homeowners' Association (FLRHA)through its non-paid board or directors, voted in by the membership, manages day to day operations and is responsible for the budget of the association. Most of the physical work is also done by volunteers, including road and runway maintence and mowing.

    1. Are there property restrictions?

    Yes, the airpark was originally platted as five separate subdivisions, each with its own set of covenants to conserve and protect the purpose and quality of the airpark. Currently the FLRHA board is working on harmonizing the differences in the covenances. Each set of restrictions is slightly different, but basically they deal with what is allowed or prohibited in each subdivision, such as building lot setbacks, whether farm animals can be had, maintenance of lots in a tidy fashion. The actual deed restrictions will be available through your realtor when you become interested in a specific property or can be found at the Suwannee County title office in Live Oak.

    1. What is the local area like?

    First of all, this is not what people think of when they think of Florida, ie. theme parks, and beaches. This is the "Old Florida", the slower paced, more respectfull, layed back, rural Florida. Even the county seat, Live Oak, is very much a "hometown" kind of place where people can still let their children play outside together, and where the "Christmas On The Square" parade has the main street lined with lounge chairs to watch friends and family participate. The topography is one of gently rolling hills with vegetable, hay, and dairy farms and cultivated pine forests. Some of our closest neighbors are cows. The people are friendly and courteous greeting one with "Miss Bonnie" or Mr. Jon, a very respectfull southern greeting.
    The county is full of natural beauty which is available to all through county and state parks and is home to a vast system of underground caves and fresh water springs, a favorite of cave divers. The Suwannee, Santa Fe, and Itchetucknee Rivers all provide great water experiences of fishing, swimming, and boating.
    More information can be viewed on our Local Area page.

    1. How close are commercial airport connections to Little River?

    The nearest commercial airport airport is in Live Oak, 20 minutes by car, but does not have passenger services. Jacksonville has great service to many hubs and destinations and is 1 hour 45 minutes by car. Gainesville also has limited passenger connections and is just one hour away.

    1. Are there unbuilt lots available?

    Yes, but this changes periodically. Check our "Properties Available" section to see currently available.

    1. Are there homes available?

    Yes, but this changes periodically. Check our "Properties Available" section to see currently available.

    1. How big are the lots at Little River?

    Lots on Flying Little River probably average larger than most airparks, giving a very spacious feeling to the park. Although some lots within the airpark are as small as one acre, 4 acres or more is much more typical, depending on the original subdivision platting. Lots outside the airpark, but adjacent to it are restricted by Suwannee County to a minimum of 5 acres for new construction .

    1. Do I have to build a hangar on my lot?

    There is no requirement to build anything on your lot. When construction is contemplated, Suwannee County codes will apply. Many families have purchased properties years in advance of their plans to build and become residents.

    1. Can I have farm animals?

    The restrictions vary by subdivision, but generally livestock are allowed as long as your lot doesn't become a "feeder lot operation" and they are properly cared for.

    1. Can I build just a hangar with an apartment on my lot?

    Yes, as long as proper permits are procured from the county.

    1. What can the clubhouse be used for?

    It can be used by FLRHA members in good standing for all community events as well as reserved for personal use when available upon approval of the board of directors.

    1. Can I have a business on my property?

    As long as it is not a detriment to the community and complies with county rules regarding residential businesses.

    1. What is the age range of Little River residents?

    There are school age children, however the community is comprised primarily of folks who are in the retirement planning process or who already have retired.

    1. Are most residents full time residents?

    Most are, however several families are seasonal, leaving for cooler climates in the summer. Several families are weekend residents only as their their jobs still require them to be away during the week.

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